HR Services

Nanyam team is a diverse network of HR consultants and Network of industry professionals with a global mindset and a culture.

We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making your business work better. We counsel you about the right workforce strategies and helps in achieving your goals. We extend our services at the moment whenever you feel the need to hire new employees, permanent or contract, to train your staff, when you are looking for an outsourced, managed, or project-based service.

  • 1. Skill Development

  • 2. IT Recruitment

  • 3. Payroll Management

  • 4. Outsourcing

  • 5. Bench Hiring

  • We will get Your Positions Filled

    We have a workforce that is spread all over India with just one mission to fulfil – finding the right people to meet your specific needs. You may need people with a certain level of experience in a particular domain, or in a specific location. No matter what you require, our competent staffing services division will find people who will meet the unique needs of your company.

    Boost IT operations and Support

    Our IT management expertise promises you the best professionals and advice to develop yourself and cruise through the revealing and competitive market.

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